The Economic Review | 15 May 2021

Gilles Chantelot and Cédric Arbogast, two childhood friends, created their start-up Inman in 2017, combining their skills: marketing and sales for the former, technology for the latter. the result: the first intelligent shower mixer was born!

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Europe 1 | 22 March 2020

World Water Day: how the sector is innovating

Listen to the programme | 6 February 2021

Inman, which created Insens, the smart and connected shower faucet, is launching a crowdfunding campaign on WiSeed, in order to strengthen its human and marketing resources.

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DNA | February 3, 2021

After a test phase, the Alsatian start-up Inman is now marketing its electronic and digital mixing valve that reduces water consumption.

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France 5 | 8 February 2020

InSens... the shower of the future! ... on LA QUOTIDIENNE de France 5

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TF1 | 4 November 2019

The INSENS technology was used on TF1's newscast to illustrate the shower of the future...

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La Tribune | June 17, 2019

Every week, "La Tribune" shines the spotlight on a little-known nugget of French Tech. This week, InMan. Launched in 2016, this Alsatian startup is developing an electronic mixer tap to reduce water waste in the shower. InMan has devised a system that allows the right temperature and optimal flow rate to be obtained from the very first drops.

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