- 70% water savings in the shower
- 50% lower energy requirements for domestic hot water production


- Hot water from the very first drop (no waste)

- Automatic jet adaptation (presence sensor)

- Temperature accuracy to the nearest half degree

- Programmable flow rates

- Touch control


- 10 customizable user profiles

- Connected and controllable via SmartPhone

- Color LCD display

- Visualization of consumption (real time and average)


You'll enjoy hot water at just the right temperature from the very first drop, adjustable to the nearest half-degree, with flow rates that automatically adapt to your usage thanks to an intelligent sensor system that reduces or cuts off the jet when you step away from it to lather up, and all functions accessible from a designer touchscreen interface that's perfectly functional underwater.

Each user can set his or her personalized profile according to the level of comfort required and his or her personal ecological commitment. The shower becomes a guilt-free moment of ultimate well-being, a perfect blend of relaxation and sobriety.

A digital interface

All functions are accessible via underwater resistive touch buttons. A 5" LCD screen displays all parameters, which can be customized and upgraded.

Presence sensor

When you step aside to lather up, the water flow reduces or stops. So you save up to 70% water without even realizing it.
No more useless waste, you become a player in respecting the environment on a daily basis.

Intelligent control

Pilot-controlled thermostatic mixing valve, predictive flow control, real-time volume metering.
Mastering water becomes a real pleasure.


The hydrobox

This is INSENS' core technology, providing intelligent flow and temperature control. 

With its minimal footprint, it can be flush-mounted in the back of the wall, directly in the shower area, or offset in the false ceiling, under-bath or in a specially adapted cabinet. 

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