Sense Activator

Technological pleasure

You enjoy hot water at the right temperature from the very first drop, adjustable to the nearest half degree, the flow rates automatically adapt to your use thanks to an intelligent sensor system that reduces or cuts off the jet when you move away from it to lather up, and all the functions are accessible from a designer touch interface that is perfectly functional under water.

Responsible well-being

INSENS offers a unique shower experience. Each user can set his or her own profile according to the level of comfort required and his or her personal ecological commitment. The shower becomes a moment of ultimate well-being without guilt, a perfect combination of relaxation and sobriety.

Hot water from the first drop

Before it exits the shower head, the water cooled between uses, which was previously wasted, is recovered, stored and reused as the shower progresses in the mixed water. No heating resistance, no additional energy... a patented new function.

Automatic jet management

You interact with the shower by simply moving. An ingenious sensor system reduces or shuts off the water flow if you step away from the shower to soap up.

Intelligent control

The different flow rates offered by INSENS are calibrated to ecolabel standards. They are nevertheless adjustable to each installation according to your desires and your environmental commitments.

A digital interface

The ShowerPad, a tactile and intuitive interface

All functions are accessible via resistive underwater touch buttons. A 5-inch LCD screen displays all parameters which are customizable and scalable.


Presence sensors

When you move away to soap, the flow of water is reduced or stopped. So you save up to 70% of water without even realizing it.
No more useless waste, you become an actor of respect for the environment on a daily basis.

A regulation

Pilot-controlled thermostatic mixing valve, predictive and intelligent regulation of flow rates, real time volume metering.
Mastering water becomes a real pleasure.


The hydrobox

It is the technological heart of INSENS and ensures the intelligent control of flows and temperature regulation. 

With minimal space requirement, it can be recessed into the back wall, directly into the shower area, or offset in the false ceiling, under the bathtub or in an adapted reception unit. 

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