Our story

Born from the complicity of two childhood friends, Cédric Arbogast and Gilles Chantelot, INMAN is a start-up that develops digital technologies aimed at optimizing the use of water and bringing new sources of well-being.

We've designed INSENS, the first intelligent electronic mixer that gets you to act every day to preserve the planet while providing you with an enhanced sensory experience.

Our Vision

We believe that all solutions for a sustainable future can emerge in what man has most precious: Ingenuity!

Technology must support us in order to improve our comfort of life, but above all it must help us to do so without harming the balance of resources.


Our Values

We believe in the human first and we wanted to put it on the pediment of our company. We stand for a local industry that is resolutely focused on excellence. We believe in collective intelligence and in particular in the service of environmental protection.