Douche digitale et écologique Insens pas Inman - PAD XDouche digitale et écologique Insens pas Inman - PAD X

INSENS PAD X BLACK - with X-JET Black Mat Accessory Pack


1 PAD-X control interface (600x300mm)
1 integrative wall frame
1 Hydrobox
1 tank (standard 7.5 l)
1 extension jack 3 m
1 transformer 230v-24v

In-line recessed system

1 X-JET head diffuser (Ø 200 mm, arm 300 mm) Black Mat
1 hand diffuser X-JET One Black Mat
1 anti-twist hose Black Mat
1 hook combined outlet

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Shower mixer INSENS with X-JET Black Mat Accessory PACK

  • Model PAD-X BLACK with in-line recessed hydraulic part.
  • Underwater touch control interface with 5-inch LCD screen. Face in tempered and anti-lime scale treated glass.
  • INSENS offers a unique shower experience combining digital technology, well-being and respect for the environment.
  • Shower temperature control system without loss of water or additional energy
  • Flow control sensors that stop or reduce the flow as you move away for soaping
  • Recording of personalized profiles that can be controlled from smartphone, tablets or PC.
  • Wifi connectivity and compatibility with home automation systems for control by voice assistant.

INSENS products are Made in France.

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